Today someone asked me about IUD. What is actually IUD? IUD is Intrauterine device for birth control. IUD is a small, T-shaped plastic device that is wrapped in copper or contains hormones. The IUD is inserted into your uterus by your doctor. A plastic string tied to the end of the IUD hangs down through the cervix into the vagina. You can check that the IUD is in place by feeling for this string. The string is also used by your doctor to remove the IUD.

It's made of flexible plastic. It isn't known exactly how IUDs prevent pregnancy. They seem to stop sperm from reaching the egg or prevent the egg from attaching to the uterus. Some IUDs used in the past were related to serious health problems. Today IUDs are safer, but they still have some risks. Most doctors prefer to use IUDs only in women who have already had a baby. Side effects of IUDs include heavier bleeding and stronger cramps during periods.

Effectivenss: The IUD has been found to be as much as 99% effective when inserted properly. However, not all women are suited to using an IUD. Women who are at an increased risk of STDs; may be pregnant or are trying to conceive; have HIV or AIDS; a history of certain medical conditions and infections; have a deformed uterus or one that sits too far forward or back in the pelvis; or women that have severe anemia may need to consider using a different birth control method. Discuss the issue with your health care provider.
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  1. ada side effect ke IUD ti bila menopause ti?

  2. Shitsurei ya x pasti la kamek..

  3. blog kitak tok ala2 blog pakar sakit puan dan pakar jodoh hehe.. tapi bagus.. banyak impomasi beguna.. mun dah masanya klk ku tauk sine mok ncarik impomasi kedak tok ;p

  4. dukunlintah_setakat berkongsi info jak..selalu la dtg melawat ke blog mek tok.