1 week MC
Yesterday, I got fever, headache and as ussual I took Uphamol 650. Supposed I went for Dina's birthday party, Sham's daughter. With theme Fairy, but really sorry I cant make it, after taking medicine i fall asleep from 2pm until 5pm.

This morning when I woke up, I found there were small red spots all over my body. My huby said that might be chicken pox. Oh dear!!! After that my huby and I went to the clinic. And the doctor confirmed it was a chicken pox. He advised me to drink plenty of water, just let it come. He said nothing can be done, but nowadays they have viral medication. He gave me medicines for fever, itchy and viral infections.

And MC for one week 19/1 - 23/1, the Dr ask me to come back on next Sunday, to see whether Im ok to come to work or to continue my MC.
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